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You don't have to play golf or fly a plane to enjoy the home-style cooking at the Runway Grill. 
Join the "regulars" who come here for weekend breakfast or stop-in for a quick, tasty snack before or after golf.
The food is great and service is fast and friendly.
Runway Grill Service/Hours
Closed for the season.

We'll continue to serve hot dogs and snacks.

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Large Breakfast Menu

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Runway Grill menu...

We cater to you!
Have an upcoming event?
Let us prepare the food. 

Grill Manager, Connie Babb

The Big Breakfast
- 2 eggs -
- hash browns or home fries -
- bacon, ham or sausage -
- toast -
- coffee or tea -
- juice -

$ 7.95

Country Breakfast
- 3 pancakes or 3 slices of French toast -
- bacon, ham or sausage -
- coffee or tea -
- juice -

$ 7.95

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast
- 2 slices cinnamon swirl French toast
topped with a sweet glaze -
- Choice of ham, bacon, sausages -
- coffee or hot tea -

$ 7.75

Heart Healthy Breakfast
- egg beaters, fruit cup -
- toasted bagel -
- coffee or hot tea -

$ 7.50

Want something quick and light for breakfast?
How about an Egg Sandwich or a Grilled Sticky Bun?

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Sandwiches & Snacks

Grilled Chicken on toasted bun
with lettuce, tomato, mayo.
chips & pickle

$ 6.50

Bogey Burger
Cheeseburger on grilled Italian bread
chips & pickle
$ 5.75

Grilled Ham & Cheese
$ 5.25

French Fries
$ 2.50

Club and Fish Sandwiches, 
Turkey on a Bagel
and lots more!!
See the full menu.

Visa and MasterCard Accepted

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