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Golf Club Fitting

Butter Valley Teaching / Fitting Professional, Gary Brooks 
"Golf club fitting may be as complex as the golf swing itself. A valuable session is part science, part art. It definitely requires a lot of dialog between the fit-er and the fit-ee
I believe a proper fitting session involves a combination of actual club fitting and swing analysis. How much of each will depend on the golfer. In most cases, measuring alone won't provide enough to get clubs which are right for your swing. (We're not going to waste time measuring your height, fingers and how far your arms are from the ground. Some things are obvious.) 
Let's say, (hypothetically speaking, of course) that your swing is way out-of-whack. Would you want to be fitted, spend a thousand dollars, for clubs with specs adjusted for that swing? The new clubs will be "technically" correct for that swing, but they won't improve your performance or score. 
Here's why, using this common example. A player has an over-the-top swing path and testing shows the toe of the clubhead digging into the ground. A well-known club maker's fitting system says, getting the lie-angle to match the swing is the top priority, To do this, the lie angle might need to be significantly more upright. This will greatly affect the club's rotational properties which will make it perform different from the way the club was originally designed. And, it will change an important factor, the feel of the club. In many instances, to get the correct lie-angle, it's also necessary to shorten the club. I'm sure you know, a shorter length club produces a shorter shot. (Does anyone want to hit it shorter?!) The shorter club will feel lighter overall, and with less feel of the club head. Using that criteria, you'll end up with clubs that won't feel right and won't hit it as far.
A swing adjustment could dramatically change your club measuring data, especially regarding your iron's lie-angle at impact.
I don't think you should buy clubs that strictly measure-up to a manufacturer's fitting system. We'll take into account all important factors and the things that are important to you. 
My club fitting and buying advice is completely unbiased and independent. I don't sell clubs, so I'm not going to steer you to something in stock, or promote clubs with the highest profit margin. When we've finalized our fitting data, you can discuss prices and ordering details with Forrest or Ron in our pro shop. 
There's a lot to talk about and evaluate, in most cases an hour is needed to cover everything." 

 Club Fitting Rates

1/2 Hour $ 40.
Hour $ 65.

Golf Club Fitting

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