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Butter Valley's Global Positioning Satellite electronic caddie system,
helps you play better and have more fun by letting you know exactly 
how far you are from greens and hazards.

A small monitor screen in the golf cart gives you yardage's to the front, center and back of greens. It also lets you see distances to bunkers and how much carry you need to get past obstacles. It gives you other important information, too. Data is updated instantly and automatically.

GPS features:

- yardage to center of greens
- yardage to front of greens
- yardage to back of greens
- yardage to hazards
- yardage to carry hazards
- graphical display of yardage
- graphical display of hole design
- information updated instantly
- updated automatically



 Here's how it works.

Golf cart monitor screen.
As you drive your golf cart to the tee, the system automatically determines which hole you're playing and instantly gives you yardage and other information about the hole.

Select text or graphic display on monitor screen.
Choose either text or graphic display.

The information updates as your cart moves. You'll know how far to carry bunkers and how many yards to the front, center and back of greens, so you can plan your shot even before you arrive at your ball.

Butter Valley's GPS electronic caddie system does a lot of other cool stuff, too.
- Lets you determine how far you hit your drives.
- Helps you learn the distance you carry each iron.
- Gives you playing tips.
- Displays custom messages for your golf outing: long drive, closest to the pin holes, etc.
- Lets everyone on the course know when someone turns in a lost club.
- Allows us to monitor play. We can spot slow playing groups and get them up-to-speed.

There's no extra charge to use Butter Valley's GPS electronic caddie system.
It's installed on all our golf carts.

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