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Since the 18th century, the Gehman family has been caretakers of this land. 
They've nurtured it to the best of their abilities.
Betty and John with children Betty Lou, John Jr. and Faye. 

Butter Valley Golf Port is situated in the heart of what was once called the Butter Valley. The name came about because of the large number of dairy farms located in this "ruhig tal" (valley) from Hereford to Boyertown.

Now parking lot, entrance to restaurant, pro shop and indoor range.In 1967, John and Betty Gehman began to question whether it made sense to continue operating their dairy farm. Even though their Pine Valley Farm was one of the larger, more progressive operations in the area, the income generated didn't seem right for such a huge investment of capital, time and physical effort.

 While analyzing alternatives to dairy farming, the idea of building a golf course was repeatedly suggested by neighbors and personal friends. Golfers, familiar with the natural rolling terrain, knew this beautiful landscape could be transformed into a great place to play golf. 

After some prodding, the positive-thinking Gehman's brought in construction equipment and began forming the tees and greens.

By the time John and Betty started having second (not so positive) thoughts, it was too late to turn back.

Butter Valley Golf Port was completed in 1969. The front nine  opened Memorial Day and the back nine followed on July 4th.

Why the airstrip? John learned to fly in 1946. The farm had an airstrip out back separating the pasture from the corn fields. A Taylorcraft or Piper J-3 always had a home under the lean-to attached to the corn crib. When it came time to design the golf course, a new, longer airstrip was plotted first. The golf holes were laid out second.

Betty and John GehmanJohn and Betty retired in 1988. Since then, Butter Valley Golf Port has been under the management of their son John, his wife Joan and their family.

The Butter Valley property has been owned by the Gehman family since 1788. Seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth generations now reside there. 

To everyone who has visited Butter Valley Golf Port:
"Thank you."
The Gehman Family

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