Bi Plane landing at Butter Valley Airport


Butter Valley’s public landing strip, 10 miles 007 from Pottstown VOR 116.5, has overrun and clear approaches and is unicom equipped. Services include tie-down, hanger space and repair. Enjoy landing on our 2420 foot landing strip, with 1535 feet paved. Fly in for a round of golf!

No Fees

There aren’t any landing or daily parking fees, so drop-in soon.
If you plan to play golf, we recommend calling ahead for a starting time. Have a nice flight!

500′ 1E. 40 23.89′ N 75 33.86’W
RW 34-16, CTAF 122.8, TPA 1500 MSL
DT RW 16 220′ – DT RW 34 178′
Use Caution Rd. Crosses S RW